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Second Life Bakery

This is a pretty cool marketing effort. I wish this bakery all the sucess. I will definately be visiting this sim and looking for some virutal second life baked goods

Virtual Merchants

It's nice to see an in-world marketing campaign that isn't all just boxes and obvious ulterior motives! This looks like a seriously fun place to check out, thaks for posting!

Business Collection Helps

That is a really cool marketing effort. Pretty interesting stuff, thanks for the post.


Hy, great post! I just finished writting the review of 2 curently best online opportunities! You can also download my FREE e-book, which will help you start your own online business.

mac insleads

The bakery/factory is just so visually engrossing and the interactive elment makes it interesting. Will be interested in how effective this works from a marketing standpoint.


Is this a video game? second life? I got a bit confused if this is real life or just a game..the writer talks as if its real! http://www.danielmolano.com

Dave Chapman

I wish you all the best, I have never played 2nd life - but maybe I will just to have a look at your bakery.


Business Finance

Mmmm it smells delicious!

Japanese words

It is nice to see a game that isn't just pure marketing. Glad to see someone put some value and fun it it for the user.

2ndlife Biz Hopeful

Hello everyone my name is Jim..I actually visited this place in Second Lofe.Very well put together.I actually had a an idea about a business on there similar in the layout of this lol..Actually I still would like to but it's way to many things in 1st life to handle!

carlos sousa

Business is really important for the Internet. I hope second life will continue supporting business as they are doing now.

Tom Troughton

Looks so cool and very engaging. A great blend of creativity and technology.

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